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Our Story

Our name, Tatilani, comes from the names of our three sisters. They are represented in our logo by the three turtles. In our Samoan culture, turtles are sacred; we have to preserve and protect them, much in the same way we want to protect our sisters. The three sharks represent the three brothers in our family. "Ole i'o ole mata ole tuagane ole tuafafine" translates to "the pupil of the eye of a brother is his sister."


We are here to serve our community, the people of Anchorage. It brings us great joy to provide people with the food they crave from back home; we also love introducing people who have never tried Polynesian food to the flavors we love. We can think of no greater reward that to serve people and see them happy, enjoying the food we make.


We learned the restaurant business from the bottom up, starting as a dish washer. Now, in our restaurant, everyone works together. Cooperation is the key in the Tatilani kitchen—though our mom has the final say!

To all of our current and future customers—

We strive to deliver the utmost quality in our products and service. We promise to always deliver our best because none of this would be possible without you. We're so excited for the future and everyone that is going to be a part of the journey. Fa'afetai fa'afetai tele lava! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, God bless! 

TatilaniElei-Logo flowers-04.png
TatilaniElei-Logo flowers-04.png
TatilaniElei-Logo flowers-04.png

Our Food

With an impeccable eye for presentation and a preference for fresh and bold flavors, every single item on our menu is carefully prepared to dazzle the senses.

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